Modeling Realistic Clothing from a Single Image under Normal Guide

Xinqi Liu,     Jituo Li,     Guodong Lu

Zhejiang University

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2023





We propose a robust and highly realistic clothing modeling method to generate a 3D clothing model with visually consistent clothing style and wrinkles distribution from a single RGB image. Notably, this entire process only takes a few seconds. Our high-quality clothing results benefit from the idea of combining learning and optimization, making it highly robust. First, we use the neural networks to predict the normal map, a clothing mask, and a learning-based clothing model from input images. The predicted normal map can effectively capture high-frequency clothing deformation from image observations. Then, by introducing a normal-guided clothing fitting optimization, the normal maps are used to guide the clothing model to generate realistic wrinkles details. Finally, we utilize a clothing collar adjustment strategy to stylize clothing results using predicted clothing masks. An extended multi-view version of the clothing fitting is naturally developed, which can further improve the realism of the clothing without tedious effort. Extensive experiments have proven that our method achieves state-of-the-art clothing geometric accuracy and visual realism. More importantly, it is highly adaptable and robust to in-the-wild images. Further, our method can be easily extended to multi-view inputs to improve realism. In summary, our method can provide a low-cost and user-friendly solution to achieve realistic clothing modeling.



Fig 1. Our Pipeline.




Fig 2. Reconstruction results.


Fig 3. Reconstruction results.


Fig 4. Reconstruction results.



Xinqi Liu, Jituo Li, Guodong Lu. "Modeling Realistic Clothing from a Single Image under Normal Guide". IEEE TVCG 2023.


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